Benefits of novated leasing

## Save on tax ## Save on your car’s running costs ## You’ll pay less for your new car

When you take out a novated lease, part of your payments come from your pre-tax salary, so you could save on tax.

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You could save 10% on GST across all of your vehicles running costs, including, fuel, tyres and maintenance.*

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With a novated lease you don’t pay GST on the purchase price of your new car, which could save you thousands upfront.

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  • Save on tax

    Packaging a car via a novated lease can be a tax-effective way to drive the car you want.

    When you take out a novated lease, part of your payments come from your pre-tax salary, so your taxable income is reduced and you could end up paying less tax throughout the year.

    Better still, a novated lease includes not just your lease repayments but also running costs such as fuel, registration and servicing. These are costs you incur for your car whether you lease or not – so why not use your pre-tax salary to help cover these every day costs – and potentially reduce your taxable income at the same time.

  • Everything is included in a novated lease

    A novated lease is the convenient way to drive. No more juggling multiple bills and due dates. With a lease, a single regular payment covers everything including finance repayments, fuel, insurance and registration. Plus the payment is automatically taken out of your pay so you can set and forget.

  • Don’t pay for what you don’t use!

    We’ll help you establish your fortnightly budget based on the type of car and the number of kilometres you travel each year. Your budget is flexible and can change throughout your lease if your circumstances change. If you find you are spending less on your running costs than anticipated, you can simply request to have the money returned to you.

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