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The health sector is faced with growing demand for its services as our population ages

Aged Care Disability

Recruitment continues to be a challenge for the sector. Health organisations face competition from other employers who  may offer more attractive pay and conditions for similar roles.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits, such as salary packaging, can be important in recruiting and retaining staff in the health sector. Salary packaging is considered a 'must have' by public health sector employees -  the opportunity to salary package some of their income is often a factor when they are job hunting.

A wide range of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions and employee benefits are available to health employees.

How health employees can benefit

  • salary package up to $9,010 each FBT year (1 April - 31 March) on living expenses
  • dine out using pre-tax dollars with the Meal Entertainment benefit and Payment Card
  • benefit with holiday accommodation and event savings.

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Asset management

Public health administrators also have large requirements for specialised plant and equipment, as well as vehicles, to support the delivery of services across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia. Maxxia can help you by arranging the finance, maintenance and remarketing of fleet vehicles or arranging short term vehicle hire.

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