What is salary packaging?

Do more of what you enjoy with salary packaging the Maxxia way. And its 100% ATO approved!

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Salary packaging is the smart way to maximise your income

Salary packaging allows you to pay for expenses with money from your salary before tax is taken out.  And it's permitted by the ATO.

How salary packaging works

Normally tax is taken from your salary before you spend it.  You then pay all your expenses and are left with the remainder.

With salary packaging, your employer pays you the same salary - but instead of paying all your expenses after you're taxed, you pay for selected expenses before you're taxed. Expenses you would be paying anyway.

So you could pay less tax and end up with more spending money.

Diagram of how salary packaging works

What does it cost?

We manage your salary packaging account in exchange for an administration fee, as agreed with your employer.

Additional charges may apply for some additional benefits, such as a novated lease, venue hire and Meal Entertainment.

Fees are paid out of your pre-tax dollars, and:

  • do not contribute towards any capping limit
  • do not attract FBT.

You can refer to your employer's Salary Packaging Information Booklet for more information about fees.

Types of expenses you could salary package

Expenses may include car repayments, work-related laptops, tablet computers and sometimes, mortgage and rent payments.

The types of expenses you could salary package depend on:

  • your employer
  • the industry you work in.

Find out more about the types of expenses you could salary package.

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