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Your novated lease insurance documents

Please review the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Financial Services Guides (FSG) relating to your lease via the links below.

These documents will provide you with important information about any insurance policies and insurance providers you have chosen.

The Product Disclosure Statements contain the terms and conditions of the insurance products and will help you understand what you need to know about your insurance policy options. The Financial Services Guides explain the services that Maxxia provides as an authorised representative of the various insurance providers.

If you are unable to access the documents please contact your Leasing Consultant who will organise copies for you via an alternate method.

For your reference we suggest retaining copies of these Product Disclosure Statements and Financial Services Guides with your lease documentation.

Financial Services Guide  

Financial Services Guide - Coverforce Gap,  Lease Protection Insurance and Residual Protection Cover
Financial Services Guide - Allianz Leased Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance 
Financial Services Guide - Eric Extended Warranty

Product Disclosure Statements  

Product Disclosure Statement - Allianz Leased Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance
Product Disclosure Statement - Lease Protection Insurance
Product Disclosure Statement - Chubb Gap Insurance
Product Disclosure Statement - Extended Warranty
Product Disclosure Statement - Minor Damage Repair
Product Disclosure Statement - Residual Protection Cover

Previous year policies

If you started your novated lease prior to 2017, you can find the documents relevant to your policies using our search tool below.

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