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Can I salary package my insurance?

Health and charity employees may allocate their insurance premium under their salary packaging cap limit. For more information regarding salary packaging call 1300 123 123 or refer to your employer's salary packaging guide.

Please note eligibility and term and conditions apply.

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Does this change any of my existing salary packaging arrangements?

No. You will still benefit from your existing salary packaging arrangements if you salary package your insurance.

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What is Maxxia insurance?

Maxxia offers car and home insurance as an authorised representative of Allianz Australia Insurance Services. Our insurance policies are specifically tailored to you all because of where you work.

We already have a relationship with your employer, as we provide workplace benefits to your place of work, so we can offer you insurance packed with great benefits at very competitive prices.

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Who is Maxxia?

Maxxia is a division of McMillan Shakespeare Limited, your salary packaging provider. As part of our commitment to you, we are continually searching for services to add to your current workplace benefits, to reward you for the company you keep. 

The best part about this new benefit is that we already have a relationship with your employer, so we can offer you insurance packed with value at a fantastic cost.

So why not check out Maxxia insurance?  And discover the benefits of letting us look after both your salary and your insurance, just because you work where you do. Couldn't get better than that!

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Who can buy Maxxia insurance?

If your employer currently offers salary packaging through Maxxia, then Maxxia insurance is available for you.

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Who is the underwriter for Maxxia insurance?

We have selected Australian incorporated general insurer, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, to underwrite Maxxia insurance policies. 

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited have a long-term commitment to the Australia marketplace and are authorised to conduct insurance business by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). They are also a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and participate in the Insurance Code of Practice.

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Why switch to Maxxia?

Maxxia insurance is one of the ways you're rewarded for where you work. Our products are specially tailored for you and your colleagues.

If you're already salary packaging with us we have an existing relationship with your employer. This means we can offer you insurance packed with the benefits you need at very competitive costs.

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What different types of cover can I get?

We offer three choices in car insurance:

Comprehensive covers you for damage to your car and possessions, as well as damage to other people's vehicles or property when you are at fault. Comprehensive insurance costs more than the other choices as it is a broader cover with more features.

Third party fire and theft covers you for damage your car causes to other people's vehicles or property, as well as covering you for loss or damage to your car if it is stolen or catches fire. You also have up to $3,000 cover for damage to your car in an accident caused by the driver of an uninsured vehicle.

Third party property damage covers you for damage your car causes to other people's vehicles or property. You also have up to $3,000 cover for damage to your car in an accident caused by the driver of an uninsured vehicle.

Terms and conditions apply. See the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

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What is a No Claim Discount?

Simply, it is a discount on your car insurance premium. Your No Claim Discount is calculated on the number of years you have been driving and whether you have previously made any claims. 

As you increase your number of claim-free years, your discount also increases until it reaches the maximum discount, also known as a 'Rating 1'.

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What is the difference between agreed and market value?

Agreed Value – The fixed amount we agree with you to insure your car for, and the maximum amount we will pay for damage caused to your car in the event of a claim. This amount can change when you renew your policy.

Market Value – The reasonable cost to replace your vehicle with one of the same make, model, age and condition as your car at the time of loss or damage. It does not include allowance for warranty, stamp duty or transfer costs. It is always good to have an idea of what your car may be worth, you can find out by searching for your car at

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Why is it important to tell Maxxia about my driving record?

We believe safer and more responsible drivers shouldn't have to pay high premiums to make up for the more risky drivers, so you could enjoy significant savings on your car insurance.

To achieve this we underwrite each policy individually and calculate your premium based on your driving record only, so you don't pay extra for bad drivers.

If you do not disclose your driving record, past claims or accidents when asked, this is called non-disclosure, it could lead to a claim being paid only in part, or not paid at all.

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Will I lose my Rating 1 if I have a car accident?

We want you to get real value from our insurance products, so we offer you the opportunity to protect your Rating 1 discount. Choosing our No Claim Discount protection option allows you one car insurance claim during each period of insurance, or up to two claims in three years, without your Rating 1 being affected.

If you have No Claim Discount protection with us for two consecutive claim-free years, we will provide you with a Rating 1 for life. This means your discount will remain at the maximum regardless of the number of claims you make - so long as you continue to take out No Claim Discount protection.

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How do I make a claim?

Simply give us a call on 1300 138 926 and we will look after the rest. We know how difficult it can be without your car, so we'll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. There's no paperwork, plus once we've made arrangements for your car, we guarantee the workmanship on authorised repairs for the life of your vehicle.

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What if I don’t have a preferred repairer?

No problem. We can manage the whole process for you from when you make the claim to ensuring that the repairs are up to our high standards.

We have our own network of authorised repairers so we know we can trust them to give you the best quality service and repairs. We even guarantee the workmanship on all authorised repairs for as long as you own the car.

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How can I get an estimate of the replacement value of my home and contents?

You can use online building and contents calculators as a guide to estimate your building and contents replacement value. Reed Construction Data and Sum Insured offer a service in our online quoting service to help you estimate this.

It remains your responsibility to nominate a suitable replacement sum insured when applying for your insurance.

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What happens if I renovate my home or added an extension?

Make sure you call us prior to commencing the renovations so we can advise if it will affect your insurance.

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What is Building and Contents Insurance?

You need peace of mind knowing that your home and its contents are covered for the unexpected. We provide a wide range of standard benefits and make it easy for you to combine your building and contents under one policy. You can also opt to take out these policies separately - perfect for those who are renting.

Building - If you own or are buying your home, Maxxia building insurance provides cover for your building, fixtures and fittings along with permanent structural improvements. 

Contents - The contents of your home, including household items and personal effects, are covered under this policy.

Terms and conditions apply. See the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.


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How do I make a claim?

We know how important your home is to you and how inconvenient it can be living without the things you need. We'll get your claim processed and your building and/or contents either repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

All you need to do is call us on 1300 138 926 and we will look after the rest. On most occasions there will be no paperwork. We may like to visit you to ensure the best service is provided in your time of need.


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Can I switch to Maxxia before my current policy expires?

Yes. If you are happy with our quote you can take the cover out there and then, even if you have a current policy.

If you're still shopping around we'll make the process easy for you by keeping your quote for 30 days. This means if you contact us again within 30 days we can get you started without going through the quoting process again.

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How do I get a quote?

Submit an online quote

We're all about providing you with real benefits because of where you work, so our focus is on providing you with insurance that's packed with value. Make sure you give us a call or check out our website to find out about the benefits of letting us look after your salary packaging and insurance.

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How do I purchase my policy?

You can purchase your policy online once you are happy to proceed with your online quote. There’s no paperwork to complete and we can get your policy up and running straight away.

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Will my details be secure if I get a quote or buy online?

Yes. In order to protect your personal information online, we use up-to-date and secure technology methods. When we capture your personal information it is passed through our secure server using encryption technology which scrambles the personal information to ensure it is protected over the Internet. Stored personal information about you is further protected from unauthorised access through the use of multiple firewalls, secure passwords and sign in processes.

We cannot guarantee the policies and procedures of any other websites that may be linked from our website.

They may or may not comply with the same privacy standards that we do and, therefore, you should take care to evaluate their particular privacy standards and procedures as needed.

View our privacy policy.

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