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How to save on living expenses - and avoid the paperwork

women using salary packaging payment cardWho can package living expenses?

You could salary package living expenses if you work for a:

  • private or public not-for-profit hospital
  • charity or other not-for-profit organisation.

and your employer offers this as part of your workplace benefits program.  

Still not sure whether you can package living expenses? Contact your employer to find out if this benefit is available to you. 

What living expenses can I package?

You can package a wide range of everyday expenses such as:

  • electricity, phone and water bills
  • council rates
  • groceries
  • clothing
  • private travel (domestic and overseas)
  • household expenses
  • any other items you pay for with your Maxxia Salary Packaging Payment Card.

Paying with your Salary Packaging Payment Card makes it easy

The easiest way to salary package Living Expenses is to use your Maxxia Salary Packaging Payment Card.

It works the same way as a credit card - except the funds are drawn from your salary packaging account.

Powered by Visa (through ANZ), your card is widely accepted across Australia and overseas.

With a Salary Packaging Payment Card you can:

  • choose how much you wish to spend on your card (up to your yearly limit)
  • put an end to paper receipts and filling out claim forms
  • access the ANZ Customer Care Centre 24/7
  • request additional cards for your family members
  • use where Visa is accepted in Australia, overseas and online
  • avoid paying bank fees.

How much could you save each year?

At Maxxia, we take the guesswork out of your new salary packaging lifestyle.  Use our salary packaging calculator to estimate how much you could save.

Ready to get started?

Already packaging - but now want to package living expenses too? 


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